Seth & Emily | 10.8.16

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Cambria Custom Events!

Today we are taking it back to another one of our gorgeous autumn weddings this year! Seth and Emily wed on a perfect sunny October day at Lakeside Occasions in Topeka, Indiana. Lakeside Occasions is the perfect setting for a rustic, country wedding. The ceremony took place outdoors where we used a free standing door for guests and the bridal party to walk through. I love using pieces like this because it still gives the element of surprise when the bride appears in the doorframe to walk down to her groom. For the reception, Seth and Emily chose to have authentic Amish food catered in, a perfect touch to a country wedding! We decorated the barn in lace, burlap and blush. Take a look below at all the pretty details from the day, captured beautifully by Lindsey Kroemer

For centerpieces, we used glass mason jars on wood blocks with pink carnations, baby’s breath and greenery.

2016 was an incredible year for weddings. We are so thankful for all of you who choose and continue to choose Cambria Custom Events for all your event planning needs! Cheers to all my beautiful brides and weddings in 2016. We are looking ahead to all the beauty and excitement 2017 will bring!

Full event coordination, planning and decor by Cambria Custom Events. Thanks to all these vendors who made the day possible!

Photography: Lindsey Kroemer Photography | Venue: Lakeside Occasions | Catering: Emma’s Catering | Music: Epic Events DJ Service | Florals: Pretty Petals | Cake: The Cake Lady

Levi & Karlie | 10.8.16

One of my favorite parts about being a wedding planner is all the people I get to work with! Karlie and her mom were some of the sweetest and I throughly enjoyed coordinating and decorating this wedding!

Karlie and Levi wed on a beautiful October day outside of the couples country home. I love all the personal details that the couple added to their day, for starters, getting married on their own property! There were so many other elements that made this wedding truly unique but one that really stood out to me is instead of lighting a unity candle, Karlie and Levi branded their initials into a wooden tray! How awesome is that?!

Rustic Glam Wedding


Levi is a DNR officer and Karlie is the beautiful blonde that stole his heart. The couple integrated their two styles into their wedding creating what we call Rustic Glam. We married things like blush sequined tablecloths with antler candelabras and crystal jewels dripping from branches.
Rustic Glam Wedding Rustic Glam Wedding Rustic Glam Wedding Rustic Glam Wedding Rustic Glam Wedding

Again, in the color pallet, we see the two styles come together beautifully to offset yet balance one another. Light pinks and beiges that compliment the deep reds and airy greenery. The bridal party was dressed casually elegant; bridesmaids in short beige dresses with cowboy boots and groomsmen in jeans and beige vests. The florals were free flowing botanicals, heavy on the greenery with some blush and merlot buds peeking out.

Rustic Glam Wedding

Levi & Karlie wedding

Rustic Glam Wedding

Rustic Glam Wedding

Rustic Glam Wedding

Rustic Glam Wedding

The reception was held at the Allen County 4H fairgrounds – a perfect venue for any couple wanting to give their guests a country feel!

Rustic Glam Wedding

screen-shot-2016-12-05-at-2-28-01-pm Rustic Glam Wedding

A special thanks to Amy Sprunger Photography for giving us her photos from the day!

The day couldn’t have been possible without these vendors:

Venue: Allen County 4H Grounds | Photography: Amy Sprunger Photography | Food: Daniel Catering | Music: DJ Sound Solutions | Florals: Four Seasons Flower Outlet

Full coordination and decor by Cambria Custom Events

Luke & Amanda | 10.2.16

We know it’s been a while since our last blog post but when major life changes, like babies and marriages, a small break for your social team is in order! This week we are reminiscing about Amanda and Luke’s gorgeous October wedding at Marian Hills Farm. Not only was the day perfect, but it was captured flawlessly by Natalie Kunkel.








Marian Hills is always a showstopper of a venue. The hanging lights are a statement piece, adding romance and warmth. We added touches of glam sequined tablecloths, lace runners and gold vases help to feminize the barn. 







View more photos from the day here!

The day wouldn’t have been possible without these vendors:

Venue: Marian Hills Farm | Photography: Natalie Kunkel Photography | Make up: Aviana Wyall | Catering: Wedding Dreams by Linda | Rentals: Maeve Vintage | DJ: Pro DJ Now – Jerry Berghoff

Aaron & Mariah | 8.13.2016

There are so many reasons why this wedding brought joy to my heart! I’ve known the Wyall sisters since they were babes, and the bride, Mariah, is part of the Cambria Custom Events team. It was beyond rewarding to plan this celebration for one of our own!


Beyond our personal connection, Mariah and Aaron’s wedding was incredible to plan because their style is the perfect balance of sophisticated and relaxed. You can see that balance in everything from the wardrobe, to the florals, to the menu, and throughout the decor. Natural elements like the wood furniture and wild botanicals, mixed with the vintage industrial venue and lighting. And then the couple infused the evening with tons of personality and fun be incorporating a local food truck, cake pop and donut table, casual signage, and polaroid photos! Mariah designed the invitations, programs, and signs herself, and had a friend do her hand-lettering.

While the couple originally planned an outdoor wedding, the weather didn’t cooperate, and Jennifer Ford Art stepped in as the perfect indoor venue to maintain the vision and style. I also worked with Maeve Vintage Rentals, whose collection complimented the venue perfectly! The day was absolutely beautiful, but more importantly, these two really let their personalities and personal style shine through. They honored some traditions and definitely started their own trends. The pure joy etched on both of their faces all day long was so satisfying. Such an honor to be part of their day and make their vision reality!


“Despite planning an outdoor wedding and then having to scrap the plans two days before the wedding, we couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day. Cami found the perfect venue for us the week of the wedding. She took care of figuring out all of those details, set up, coordinated, and tore down the whole wedding. Thanks to everyone who shared it with us. We wish we could go back and relive this day one more time!”

-Mariah Wyall, Bride


































Cambria did full coordination and decor.

Wedding Day Beauty | Options & Tips

Once you’ve picked your dress, done your fittings, and chosen the accessories, it’s time to plan the final part of your bridal look: The Beauty Plan. This includes your hair, face and nails. There are several options and plenty of tips no matter what route you take, but whether you are going for everyday effortless or full glam, you will want a plan.

Boho Bride

Consider the following:


  • Is the style you have in mind simple or more ornate?
  • Do you have a specific look in mind, or would you like someone else to help you create something?
  • Do you have any hairpieces you’d like to incorporate, like a veil or other adornment?
  • Are you planning to wear false lashes?
  • Do you need any tattoos covered?

2 | TIME

  • What time are your first look/before-ceremony photos/ceremony?
  • What else do you want to do besides getting ready before the event?
  • How long do you anticipate your look taking?
  • How much time can you can set aside for the execution of your Beauty Plan based on the other items that need to take place before the event?


  • Would you like to get ready alone?
  • With women in your family?
  • Bridesmaids?
  • What are their schedules?
  • How many stylists will be needed to take care of everyone in time?


  • How much do you want to spend on the execution of your Beauty Plan?
    (Consider that some stylists will be more expensive than others.)
  • Would you like a full-service stylist or specific stylists for each task?

Everyday Look Bride

Based on your answers, choose a route that works best.


There are many stylists who are willing to come to you. There are full-service stylists who will take care of everything from your hair, nails, and face, to tattoo-coverings and veil placement. Some of these stylists are willing to execute your look and any others’ getting ready with you, while some will prefer to take care of you exclusively. You can also hire a specific stylist for your hair, another for your makeup, and so on. Hiring a stylist can make you feel pampered and take the burden off you completely. You can get ready in the comfort of your home with others if you like, and your photographer can capture this part of your day easily. If you have a larger budget, plenty of time, and a specific look in mind, hiring a stylist can be a great option!


Many salons are also full-service, so you can book a time slot to get your hair, face, and nails all done by stylists in one place. You can also book appointments for those you want with you. This is not as effortless as being at home, but can still make you feel pampered and cared for. Again, if you have the time and budget, and a desired look you want help to achieve, this may be the best choice for you!


Perhaps you have a very capable friend who is a stylist, or perhaps you have a simpler look in mind, and want to keep the getting ready process more intimate. Asking a friend to help with hair, makeup, and nails can be so memorable and rewarding. It can also be kind on the budget!


You can always do things yourself! If you feel confident you can achieve the look you want with very little stress, go for it! This is definitely the most cost-effective option. Keep your timetable in mind, and don’t overburden yourself on your special day. Choose this option if you love pampering yourself, and feel this will be a fun and low-key part of your day.

Modern Glamour Bride

When it comes to looking your best for yourself, your groom, and your guests, you have plenty of options. Assess your needs, then make your Beauty Plan based on what will be the most effortless, fun, and memorable for you. You can choose any of these options or mix and match.

Like the other parts of your wedding day, this time should be special not stressful! Wishing all you brides-to-be a wedding day beauty ritual that makes you feel loved, pampered, and gorgeous!



Bryan & Krista | 6.18.16

What stood out during Bryan and Krista’s wedding were all of the personal details. To start, they were married at their family residence. From their hand-lettered signs and homemade sand ceremony set, to their custom prints for their ceremony programs and framed Thank You letters in their reception centerpieces—all the elements were thoughtful, personal, and one-of-a-kind.

The color scheme was also lovely for the summer season. Long dresses and full tuxedos may have been too heavy, but a light sand and rose color palette anchored with a navy blue created a fresh aesthetic.

The classic rose florals were repeated in bouquets, boutonnieres, and the wedding cake.

This couple took timeless fashion, handmade decor, personal messages, and all the charm of outdoor relaxation, and combined them to create their perfectly special celebration.



Ceremony – Family Residence

Reception – PAL Event Center

Black Tie Catering

The Cake Lady

Handcrafted by W – Eliane Western – Photography

Florist – Anderson Greenhouse

Licensed Bar Services

Lucktech Photobooths

Cambria did full coordination and decor.

Thad & Jackie | 7.2.16

Thad and Jackie’s day was all about the people they love most. It’s so incredible to witness a celebration of love like this, where the emotion extends out from the couple to everyone around them.

All the details from the wardrobe, to the decor, flowed seamlessly and felt effortless, just like the couple themselves.

I love working with couples who aren’t afraid to go bold with color, and enjoy the patterns and textures possible. Thad and Jackie’s wedding just goes to show that you can have a timeless and elegant feel, at a vibrant and fun party!

Cambria Custom Events

Cambria Custom Events

Cambria Custom Events

Cambria Custom Events

Cambria Custom Events

Cambria Custom Events

Cambria Custom Events

Cambria Custom Events

Cambria Custom Events

Cambria Custom Events

Cambria Custom Events

Cambria Custom Events

Cambria Custom Events

Cambria Custom Events

Cambria Custom Events

Cambria Custom Events

Cambria Custom Events

Cambria Custom Events

Cambria Custom Events

Cambria Custom Events

Cambria Custom Events

Cambria Custom Events

Cambria Custom Events

Cambria Custom Events


The Van Buren

Daniel Catering

The Cake Lady

DJ Sound Solutions

Cambria did full coordination and decor.

Friday Blog | Outdoor Weddings

Having an outdoor wedding can seem daunting. There are so many variables with outdoor weddings, namely weather. How can one plan for a wedding outdoors months before any of us will know what the weather holds? There are a few different methods to planning an outdoor wedding effectively with no need to worry!

Cambria Custom Events

Plan for a dry month

Cambria Custom Events

Depending on the region in which you live, there are usually times of the year that are more dry than others. For example, if you live in the Midwest, July, August and September and even October are predictably drier than say April or May.

Read a Farmer’s Almanac

Cambria Custom Events

Farmer’s Almanacs use previous years weather patterns as a guide to predict the weather down to the day. They can be extremely helpful when picking your day. You can pick up a Farmer’s Almanac at your local book store.

Have a back up plan

Cambria Custom Events

At Cambria Custom, we make sure that all of our outdoor weddings have a plan B incase all else fails. Even when picking a dry month of the year, you can never be 100% positive. That’s why we highly encourage you to always have a plan B option. A plan B can be a tent, a pavilion or a building.

Outdoor weddings are some of our absolute favorite, but they also come with a list of questions. For example, how to get tables and chairs set up, who to cater and how to keep bugs off the food. That’s where we come in! We take care of all the questions and help you find vendors that will make your outdoor wedding dream come to life!

Cambria Custom Events

Don’t let an outdoor wedding intimidate you. The possibilities are endless. Some great locations for an outdoor wedding in the Fort Wayne area could be: Goeglines, Matea Park, Foster Park, Marian Hills Farm and Soloman Farms. Many of these locations have pavilions, barns and buildings to use as a plan B should the day be a wet one.

We hope this helps any brides who are debating about their wedding. Happy Weekending and don’t forget to vote for us as your favorite wedding planner for this years Readers Choice Awards! Click this LINK and it will take you straight to the voting!!

Cambria Custom Events


Guest Blogger Bride | Natalie Kunkel

Our guest blogger for this month is esteemed Fort Wayne wedding photographer Natalie Kunkel. (Click on her name to check out her work!) Natalie has been a dear friend of mine for several years and I loved coordinating her wedding! Natalie spends so much time at weddings making sure the day goes perfectly for brides but be sure to read below as she finally gets to reflect on her own wedding day:

Our Wedding was everything I imagined it up to be and more! It was stress free, so fun and we were surrounded by our loved ones! I have honestly nothing but good memories from that day. Everything down to the weather was absolutely perfect! Even in the crazier moments surrounded with lots of people, to the quiet moments with just Scotty and I hiding behind the building as we prayed together just moments before saying I do. It was all perfect!

Cambria Custom Events

My wedding theme was rustic with hints of vintage mixed in! Scotty and I both love the outdoors so we really wanted the woods to be the surroundings for our ceremony as well as have the reception somewhat outside! Our guests were able to feel the wind blowing, hear the birds chirping, and breath in the fresh air throughout the whole night! Our venue had 5 huge doors on either side that we have opened up for fresh air as well as fireplaces (for S’mores duh!) on the inside and outside! We even had our caterers grill the chicken meal right at the venue so the guests could actually smell their food being made and was served on beautiful vintage, china plates. We loved the laid back feel of being in the outdoors but still have the elegance of the decor.

Cambria Custom Events

The first opportunity I had to look at the set up, was after I had finished getting ready for the day and was at the venue for the first look. It was perfect. It was everything I had envisioned it to be and so much better than what I even pictured! I was blown away! It was an amazing feeling to be able to just show up and see everything so perfectly put together! After many meetings with Cami beforehand, and having her help me bring my vision to life for the wedding, it was an amazing feeling to know I had someone I could trust carrying it all out so that I could actually enjoy the day! That was extremely important to me. Scotty and I highly valued enjoying our day and getting to have fun with our friends and family! We just won’t have been able to that as well if we didn’t have such an amazing wedding planner!

Cambria Custom Events Cambria Custom Events Cambria Custom Events Cambria Custom Events

As a Bride, I can not express it enough how much having a wedding planner saved our lives!! I can honestly say that the whole process from start to finish of planning my wedding was such a breeze and so stressless! I have talked to so many brides (as a wedding photographer, I see so many different types of wedding experiences) that are so stressed out planning their wedding and I just feel so blessed that that wasn’t my experience at all. It all had to do with the fact that I had an amazing wedding planner! By having a planner, I had a professional helping me carry out my vision. Cami dealt with things that I wouldn’t have even known how to do on my own. She found good vendor options to look at, as well as venue options that fit the theme and the look I was going for. She found a way for me to find everything I wanted within my allotted budget and found ways to creatively carry out my vision! Cami also was the go-to person that communicated between the vendors most of the time so that I didn’t have to worry about it. That alone took away so much stress! The main thing Scotty and I had to do for our wedding besides the whole overall vision and look of our wedding was figure out the guest list, make and send out my wedding invitations, and organizing the RSVP list. If you talk to any bride without a wedding planner you will find that most of them are in over their heads. Not only was she a huge help leading up to the wedding, getting everything set up and decorated but she was also such a blessing because she coordinated everything and kept the flow of our entire day going. She ran the rehearsal dinner the night before and all the events throughout the wedding day! I am pretty sure, well actually I know, we would have been a disorganized mess had we not had her coordinating the flow of our day!

From the perspective of a wedding photographer, I absolutely love when my brides work with wedding planners because it means it won’t all fall on my shoulders and I am able to do my job so much better! If there is not a wedding planner the next person everyone looks to is the photographer even though that isn’t our job. I of course always help them build photo sensitive timelines and refer good vendor and venue options beforehand and even give every bride a guide to help plan their wedding but on the day of, I am not the one having to corral people to be where they need to be or have to ‘run the show’! When I don’t have to do wedding planner tasks I instantly am freed up to do my job, take photos, and I don’t have to miss capturing those special candid moments (which usually happen when peoples guards are down and they don’t even know anyone is taking pictures!)

If I could go back, I wouldn’t change that much about my day except that over the years my taste and style has changed but I know we will always be changing taste and style so I don’t regret how our wedding looked because it was who we were at the time! I will always look back at that day with a smile and with so many beautiful memories!

Cambria Custom Events

 Venue: Shoaff Park | Photographer: Dustin McKibben | Catering: Walnut Hill Catering

If you or anyone you know would be interested in being a guest blogger bride for Cambria Custom Events, contact Mariah at

Chris & Adrienne | 4.30.16

Chris and Adrienne met 15 years ago through their younger brothers who were involved in sports together. When Chris first saw Adrienne, it was love at first sight. Finally, after reconnecting years later, Chris worked up the courage to ask Adrienne out.

The couple said their vows to one another on a spring day in April. It may have been a wet day, but it was beautiful one nonetheless. The ceremony and reception took place in the gorgeous barn at Marian Hills Farm in Fort Wayne, Indiana. The theme was rustic with accents of purple, gray and burlap. We used wood slices, jam jars and trees as centerpieces. The bride had her aunt create custom wood signs for her. We love the added touch of personalized signs! The couple catered in 800 degrees Three Fires pizza and Mocha Lounge coffee truck.

Here are a few images from the day thanks to Everlasting Photography:

Cambria Custom Events Cambria Custom Events Cambria Custom Events Cambria Custom Events Cambria Custom Events Cambria Custom Events Cambria Custom Events Cambria Custom Events Cambria Custom Events Cambria Custom Events Cambria Custom Events Cambria Custom EventsCambria Custom Events

Venue: Marian Hills Farm | Photography: Everlasting Photography | Cake: Halls Takes The Cake | Catering: 800 Degrees Three Fires; Mocha Lounge | Flowers: Rose’s Bouquets

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